Equipe Ceramica

Village Tuscany

995,00 kr

(inkl. moms)

(995,00 kr m2)

14-21 dagar
Village Tuscany. Tidlös serie från Equipe Ceramica i flera färger. leverans 14-21 dagar inom Sverige.

info@kakelhornan.se / 08-6300028

Fysisk Butik

Öppet 7 dagar i veckan

20 år i branschen

Equipe Cerámicas presents its new Village collection, a
collection that brings the contemporary metro tiles and
New York underground spirit to its projects.

This collection is born with a clear intention: to synthesize
in a single collection the functionality with the design from
beginning to end. With three different formats and an
extensive range of colors, it allows to project spaces with
a traditional flavor but looking for a timeless finish and
with personality.

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