All Ivory Polished 75x75

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Come into existence following a liberal reinterpretation of stone, suspended between reality and imagination, All Over is a complete project that decorates and covers any space. Characterised by broad and soft graphics and shades rich in chromatic details, All Over is available in classic and minimal colours, the protagonists of today's trend, elegant, refined and versatile. In a bid to answer every single one of today’s planning needs, the collection is available in different sizes and surface finishes: - the matt finish, with a light surface texture that gives a sense of naturalness and depth to the floor, - the lux finish with mirror-like effect which exalts the graphic details, created for those who love the
elegance of polished surfaces, - the anti-slip grip finish that allows for a perfect visual continuity between the indoor and outdoor spaces of the home.

The sought-after colours, in cold and warm basic tints, are designed to create a material able to decorate any type of space and the excellent technical performance make it the perfect product for residential and public venues. All Over can be used in any project type and can be easily matched with other design materials such as wood as well as many other wall tiles of Supergres range. With this project, the large 75x150 size joins the Supergres range.


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